Seeking Guitar Protégés Worldwide for Internet Muse Video Training

Searching for committed talent to pass on the lessons of a lifetime has been most rewarding for the Muse


Teaching has always been about the Passion for the Art and not for the Money, although students were always charged for the lessons, at least in the beginning.

A Life Lessoned Learned was that the Desire for Greatness
not Coupled with a Time and Monitory Commitment
generally Withered Quickly


The Muse is seeking Dedicated Guitarists Committed to the Life Long Pursuit of Guitar Excellence

    Here are the requirements for consideration:

  • Intermediate to Advanced Guitar skills

  • Frustrated at the Learning Plateau currently stuck on

  • Willing to commit at least 60 minutes a day, 5 days a week in “Practicing”, not “Playing”

  • Commitment to a 60 minute, once a week, Online Video Guitar Lesson

  • Agree to attend a 60 minute Lessons Review once a month. This is a Progress & Evaluation of your commitments for the current month

  • Initial prepaid Monetary Commitment, with the ability to Earn a Cost Free Tuition, using this site's eCommerce Store  

All lessons are Internet Video based and required access to the Internet
with significant enough bandwidth to support Video Conferencing


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