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Blackstar Pedalboard

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the Blackstar Pedalboard


The Blackstar HT-20R MRK II tube amp is a low power 20 watt, selectable to 2 watts, classic tones two channel, with reverb, tube amp. It is designed by experienced ex-Marshall employees employing a specially designed Celestion 12” speaker.

Its primary role is to add to the tube tones of the Kelley and Tone King amps its unique Marshall color enhanced by the Blackstar pedalboard.


The Blackstar pedalboard begins with a Klon-clone soft overdrive to shape the Core Guitar Tone.

The dual drive BOSS/JHS Angry Driver adds a BOSS Blues Driver pedal that can be configured is series or parallel with JHS Angry Charlie Marshall “Amp in a Box” pedal.

Additional tone shaping is possible with the Digitech “Anti-Chorus” Detune Luxe pedal that feeds the Digitech unique FreqOUT programmable sustainer pedal.

Finally a Quasi-parametric EQ and gain staging Orange Two-Stroke pedal provides the final gain stage and EQ envelope for the Blackstar HT-20R MRK II tube amp.


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