Core Guitar Tone Pedalboard

The "Always On" Pedals, "Frontend Looper", and H & K FX Loop EQ Channel for the "Backend Looper" Pedal


The Core Tone Pedalboard starts with a Volume / Wah pedal. This pedal acts as a swell and fast kill pedal along with frequency sweeping for the Wah-Wah effect, when desired.
A custom designed LPD Dynamic compressor reacts to the guitar performance’s “Pick Attack” and makes the “Soft sounds Louder and the Loud sounds Softer” and reacts to the dynamics of the performance.
The Strobe Tuner ensures perfect tuning of all strings by strumming all six strings to confirm they are all in tune together.

The “Always On” Core tone is shaped by two Klon-type pedals, the LPD Saguaro & RYRA Klon and wrapped with a vintage EP Booster Echoplex-type soft overdrive pedal.


A “Big Console Emulation” is accomplished with the JHS Pro Console Channel preamp and the BOSS EQ-200 Ten Band channel 1 EQ pedals.

The Guitar Pedal System uses two Ditto Loopers to capture loop performances:
1. 1. The “Front-end” Pedal records the Core Dry Tone without any additional shaping or wet effects pedals.
2. The “Back-end” Ditto Looper receives its feed from the output of the Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit 200 Floor amp’s tone shaping, enhanced with its “Pre-loop 1” hosting a Mooer Preamp LIVE 100+ Amp & Gain effects amplifier modeling box, and mono wet effects.

This configuration creates the ability to listen to a full guitar tone performance while adding a separate Melody or Lead performance with all of the tones available in the Cave Pedalboard System

Core Studio Guitar Tone roles:
1 - Creates the primary harmonic content for all pedalboards
2 - Generations a professional console DAW Direct In (DI) for the Focusrite Clarett OctoPre Channel 1
3 - Sends an equalized, gain-staged signal to all the other Studio Pedalboards
4 - Records the Core Tone Guitar performance in the "Frontend" Ditto Looper #1 pedal