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Dell Reaper Recording System

The DELL Tower Computer System for the Reaper DAW Application


The Muse Cave's DAW System is powered by a "Top of the Line" DELL DAW Workstation Tower. The XPS 8930 is a Special Edition i9-9900K Intel powerhouse.

There are two DAW Control Surfaces: One for DAW Track control and a 61 Key Keyboard controller with various programmable Sliders, Switches, and rotary controls.

The Keyboard controls a robust collection of Acoustic and Electric Pianos, Keyboard modules, Soft Synths, and Drum Machines


The Cave Studio Tower of Power:
- The Processor: 9th Generation Intel | i9-9900K at 3.60 GHz overclocked to 4.20 GHz | 8 Cores with 16 Threads
- 11 Integrated USB: Two 3.1 Type C Ports | Seven 3.1 Gen 1 Ports | Two 2.0 Ports
- Video Ports: Four HDMI Ports | One dPort Display Port
- Network Interfaces: One Gigabit Card | Integrated WiFi
- Hard Drives: One 1TB Solid State Drive | One 2TB 7200 RPM SATA
- Memory: 64GB Memory expandable to 128 GB DDR4 2666MHz
- Video Cards: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
- Operating System: Windows 10 Enterprise Edition


The Video Monitoring System:

- Two 27" 4K Desktop Computer monitors
- One wall mounter 50" 4K UHD Computer, Internet, and streaming services Roku monitor
- One 27" Mobile iPad device extension monitor


Reaper DAW Track Template with Spectrum Analyzer:

The DAW of choice for the Muse Cave Studio is Reaper.

Coming from a Pro Tools background I wanted more customization possibilities than the current version of Pro Tools could offer in 2014.

The Cave’s Reaper has seven years of customization using 136 Tracking template tracks. All track Icons are custom made in Photoshop specifically for the DAW Template

- The Reaper Sub-Project feature is used to create Tracking templates for each instrument group:
| 48 tracks for Slate SSD drums
| 2 Bass tracks
| 3 Keyboard tracks
| 4 Cremona Quartet Stradivari Strings: Amati Viola, Stradivari Violin, Guarneri Violin, and the Stradivari Cello
| 2 Acoustic Mic tracks: Acoustic Guitar and Vocal/Dialog tracks
| 8 DAW Direct Inputs:
- Reload Dry Guitar DI In
- Reload Dry Guitar Twin Out
- Colour Box Guitar Tone DI
- Twin Ox Box DI Stereo
- Kelley Load Box DI Mono
- Blackstar Amp DI
- Tone King Amp DI
- Back Spirit Redbox DI
- ZED 10 FX Mix - DI Stereo
| 14 DAW Mic Inputs:
- 4 Stage Amps tracks
- 4 Bedroom Amps tracks
- 2 Wet/Dry/Wet Dry Amp tracks
- 2 Wet/Dry/Wet Stereo Wet Effects from the Stereo Effects Mixer tracks
- 2 Acoustic Desk tracks for Acoustic Guitar and Vocal/Dialog tracks
| 13 Project Mixing tracks
- 2 Drum Mix tracks: Drums, Perc, And Click tracks
- 2 Bass Mix tracks: Bass Guitar and Synth Bass
- 3 Cremona Quartet: Rhythm, Melody, and Solo tracks
- 3 Acoustic Guitar: Rhythm, Melody, and Solo tracks
- 3 Electric Guitar: Rhythm, Melody, and Solo tracks
| 16 Project Monitoring tracks
- Drums: Tracking and Mixing tracks
- Bass: Tracking and Mixing tracks
- Keyboards: Tracking and Mixing tracks
- Cremona Quartet: Tracking and Mixing tracks
- Acoustic Guitar: Tracking and Mixing tracks
- Electric Guitar: Tracking and Mixing tracks
| References Monitors
- Reference One
- Reference Two
| Headphones
- VSX Phones
- Dynamic Headphones

The Slate Audio VSX Headphone System is used for:
- Mix Reference and Mastering
- Final and Master Mix Translation into other listening environments

Mix Stems are created in the Tracking Sub-Project Template and used for final mixing in the Main 45 track template mix project:

Project Mixing 17 track Stems:
| 1 Drums: Drum mix
| 4 Bass: Bass Guitar DI, Bass Guitar Fills, Bass Guitar Reamped Speaker, Bass Synth
| 3 Keyboards: Rhythm, Melody, Solo
| 3 Cremona Quartet: Viola, Violin, Cello
| 3 Acoustic Guitar: Rhythm, Melody, Solo
| 3 Electric Guitar: Rhythm, Melody, Solo

6 Project Monitoring:
| 1 Drums: Drum mix
| 1 Bass: Bass mix
| 1 Keyboards: Keys mix
| 1 Cremona Quartet: Strings mix
| 1 Acoustic Guitar: Acoustic mix
| 1 Electric Guitar: Electric mix

3 Mixing Monitoring References:
| Reference: Sub-Project
| Reference: Mix One
| Reference: Mix Two

3 Mixing Monitoring References:
| Reference: Sub-Project
| Reference: Mix One
| Reference: Mix Two

2 Headphones:
| Slate VSX
| Dynamic Headphones

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