Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit 200 Floor Pedalboards

The Black Spirit 200 Floor Amp configured with an FXs loop and a "Frontend" amp modeling box.


The Black Spirit 200 Floor’s unique sound is created by what Hughes & Kettner refers to as their “Bionic Tone Generating Technology”. It is the “Spirit” in the name that creates the natural tube sound from a solid-state circuit design.

Black Spirit 200 Floor is a strictly analog circuitry that faithfully recreates the complex and dynamic processes known from classic tube amp designs, thereby delivering world class tone and responsiveness.

With the massive power of 200 watts of headroom, selectable from 200, 20, or 2 watts, this Muse Cave amp can drive the dual Eminence Red Coat Wizard / Reignmaker Bugera Empress 12” speaker cabinet delivering their unique tones to their full sonic potential.

The dual Eminence Red Coat Wizard / Reignmaker cabinet is mic’d with one mic at a 6” distance to get some natural “Air” mix of the two speakers in the tuned Cave studio room.


The integrated Red Box AE+ speaker emulation Direct balanced output is sent to the DAW Focusrite OctoPre ADAT DI channel two input to blend with the JHS Analog Console channel out from the Colour Box DI preamp.

The Black Spirit supports three external pedalboard possibilities:
- Pre-loop 1: A selectable send and return placed after the Guitar In and before the 1st stage preamp
- Pre-loop 2: A selectable send and return placed after Pre-loop 1 and before the 1st stage preamp
- Effects Loop: A selectable send and return placed after the last preamp stage and EQ stage and before the Presence control and the power amp input.

The Pre-loop 1 is configured with the Mooer Preamp LIVE amplifier and gain effects modeling “Amp in a Box” device. This gives the Black Spirit a conditioned tone from over 100 classic historical amplifies along with about 20 iconic Overdrive, Distortion, and Fuzz effects to feed a clean input with 200 watts of headroom. Pre-loop 2 is not configured at this time.

The Effects loop adds mono wet effects to the Black Spirit. This pedalboard is primarily driven by the awesome Walrus Power Trio: ARP-87 Delay, the SLO Ambiance Reverb, and the award-winning digital Reverb suppling Halls, Plates, and a Low-Fi reverb.

The Fathom also offers a unique effect referred to as “Sonar”. This effect adds an Octave Higher and an Octave Lower pitch that uses the “X” control to mix the balance between the generated low and high tone: Very unique and useful in ambiance wet effects with the Walrus SLO pedal.

There are three additional pedals: The Electro-harmonix Canyon is primarily used for its awesome “Shimmer” effect, the DigiTech FreqOut is a sustainer pedal with adjustable harmonic parameters, and a JHS Tidewater Tremolo to wrap amplitude modulation movement to the core Black Spirit tone.

Finally, the H & K FXs loop feeds the "Backend Looper" pedal to create a loop reference with full effects. The "Dry" guitar performance loop from the "Frontend" pedal is transferred to the backend looper, with effects, for creative work prior to transfer to the DAW as a composition reference.