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Recording Gobos & Walls

The Session Recording Sources Acoustic Isolation Movable Walls


The Gobos:

The room is acoustically divided into a 12" by 12" Control Room and a 6' by 12' Guitar Amp room using the two Primacoustic GoTrap Studio Gobo and Bass Traps.

The Wall Gobos can create:
- Three 2' x 3' walls
- One 4' by 6' wall
- One 3' x 4' wall

The Portable Gobos:
- Two 5' x 2' Panels


The Wall Gobos are used to isolate the Stage and Bedroom amps sound levels from the Control console desk.

This helps to set levels and tones from the monitor speakers and not just the headphones.
If all four amps are being tracked, then the configuration is as shown above.

The Bedroom amps are turned inward, and all 8 mics are recorded and blended into one stereo track that represents the “Tube Sound” of the Muse Cave Studio.


The image above shows how the Amp Gobo walls, combined with the Gobo Panels, help to reduce the volume of the amps behind the Gobo Walls when sitting at the Console Desk.

The 8 mics used to track the 4 amps are mixed with Direct Inputs.

The Direct Input sources that can be blended:
1. The stereo Strymon effects inputs to the ZED10 FXs mixer
2. The stereo Source Audio Digital effects inputs to the ZED10 FXs mixer
3. The Core Stage Amp pedalboard feed to the ZED10 FXs mixer
4. The Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit 200 Floorboard mono effects Redbox DI out
5 The JHS Colour Box DI out that feeds the three Outboard Channel Strips Line inputs


The Acoustic Desk:
The primary role of the two mobile Gobo Panels is to control reflections from the Condenser mics.

These mics are used for acoustic guitar, vocals, dialog, and percussive instruments
The tracking can be Mono, Stereo, or Mid-Side triple micing.

The Microphones, as shown above, left to right:
- AKG 414 XLS -> Empirical Labs EL-9 Mike-e -> MOTU ADAT 8pre #1 channel 6 | DAW channel 14
- Lauten LA-220 -> MOTU ADAT 8pre #1 channel 8 | DAW channel 16
- Neumann TLM-103 -> Avalon Vt-737sp -> MOTU ADAT 8pre #1 channel 5 | DAW channel 13
- Royer R-10 -> Avalon Vt-737sp -> MOTU ADAT 8pre #1 channel 7 | DAW channel 15

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