Six Amp Distribution System

The Guitar Signal Distribution System for Six Amplifiers and the Analog Mixer's Source Audio Pedals Directs


The Active Guitar Signal Distribution System is hosted on a Cave pedalboard. It is a sophisticated signal distribution system that routes the guitar performance tone that has been created by the Core Tone Pedalboard.

The guitar’s globally tone shaped performance is delivered by the “Front-end” Ditto Looper #1 after it is EQ’d and Gain-staged using the BOSS EQ-200 dual channel ten band channel 1.


The Muse Cave currently uses 8 Direct inputs and 8 Mic’d channel preamps . This delivers 16 possible recording channels designed to capture the performance in Mono and Stereo with Analog Mics and Direct Inputs from various sources within the pedalboards signal chain.

Six Amp Sources:
- 4 Tube
- 1 Solid State
- 1 Tube Emulation Technology Amp

16 Track Guitar Performance Recording Source Possibilities:
- Core Guitar Channel Preamp DI feed: DI #1
- The Three Tube Amps speaker mics: Mics 1, 2, and 3
- The Two Tube Amps shared speaker cab mics: Mics 4, and 5
- Tube Amp Ox Box Reactive Load Stereo Modeling: DI 3 & 4
- H & K Black Spirit 200 Floor with Mono Effects Loop: Redbox DI #2 | Mic 6
- Wet/Dry/Wet Strymon Stereo Effects: DI 5 & 6 | Mics 7 & 8
- 10 channel analog sub-mixer: DI #7 & 8

One 10 channel Analog Sub-mixer:
- Source Audio Digital Stereo pedalboard
- UA Ox Box Stereo Emulation DI
- Strymon -based Stereo Wet FX DI
- Linear ABY switch for IOS iPhone & iPad