Strymon Trio Stereo Effects Pedalboard

The Strymon based Stereo Effects Pedalboard with Stereo Uni-Vibe, Stereo EQ, and Stereo Tube dual sends


The Cave’s Wet/Dry/Wet Stereo Effects system has two major components: The BOSS ME-80 Mono into Stereo Out Multi-Effects pedalboard and the Strymon-based Stereo to Stereo Pedal Effects pedalboard.

The Strymon Trio feeds the Viscous Vibe Uni-Vibe Stereo input to wrap a pulsating envelope around the Strymon sound. A BOSS 200 Stereo EQ is used for final Tone-shaping and Gain Staging for the PreSonus BlueTube V2 tube preamp.

PreSonus BlueTube preamp adds the adjustable dual 12AX7 tube tone textures but it’s main role is to provide dual sends to the wet studio amps and a wet direct input send to the Focusrite OctoPre Direct Ins 5 & 6 for ADAT channels 1 – 8 for the 16 track Guitar tone recording feed.


The Boss ME-80’s role is to add the extra Wet pedals included within the Multi-Effects pedalboard that are not available on the Strymon-based pedalboard.

The Boss ME-80’s role is to also convert the Mono Guitar Tone Switchblade Send B from the Distribution pedalboard to the Stereo output feed for the first pedal on the Strymon-based Stereo Wet pedalboard: The TimeLine.