Studio Amp Locker

The Studio Amps Selection


The Muse Cave amps provide performance textures for the DAW mic’s channels 9 – 16.

There are four tube amps:
- Jim Kelley Boutique ’82 F.A.C.S. 30/60 watt amp with the UA OX Box Reactive Load and Stereo IR DI device
- The Tone King Gremlin 7 watt Class A Low Wattage Classic American Tube Amp inspired design
- The Blackstar HT-20R MRK II 20 watt Marshall inspired 20/2 watt Tube Amp
- The Bugera T-50 Infinium 50 watt tube upgraded Tube Amp

There are two solid state amps:
- The Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit 200 Floor Tube emulation 200/20/2 watt Solid State Amp
- The Hartke HD-150 150 watt Solid State Amp


Each amp has an assigned role to perform in the studio.

Three of the tube amps are used to blend the Kelley 80’s tone with the more modern Tone King American classic tone and then adding a more British Marshall tone.

The H & K Black Spirit 200 Floor’s unique ability to create full tube tones in a solid state design is used to enhance the tube tones but its primary role is to create a complex direct input to the DAW through its Red Box IR DI system.

The Cave system is configured as a Wet/Dry/Wet stereo Wet Effects system. The stereo output from the Strymon Stereo Effects board is distributed to two amps for Wet Effects micing and two ADAT DI channels for a direct input. Both are driven by the PreSonus BlueTube V2 dual 12AX7 preamp tubes in the BlueTube

The Bugera T-50, driving an H & K 12 cabinet with an ElectroVoice EV-12L 200 watt speaker is the left side of the stereo wet out.

The Hartke HD-150 uses a custom Hartke designed 15” for the right side of the stereo wet out.