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Studio Cables, Test Equipment and Parts

The Studio Cable Closet, Tools, Test Equipment and Parts Bins


Required Items for a Quality Home Studio:

The Muse Cave Studio design includes spaces for guitar and amp maintenance and their repair, when required.

To the right of the studio desk is the “Acoustic Desk”.
This desk has two studio roles:
1. Instrument and equipment repair such as guitar restringing, setup, and repair
2. General session recording of acoustic guitar, vocals, and dialog tracks

To the left of the studio desk is the “Administration and Studio Infrastructure Desk”
This desk serves two roles as well for the Cave Studio:
1. Supports the IOS devices: iPad Pro and its video monitor and an iPhone
2. Studio infrastructure equipment:
----- A cable modem for the 1 GIG high speed Internet connection and
----- A “Internet” phone system
----- An Amazon Alexa for voice activated Internet information services
----- Various miscellaneous studio support items such as paper pads, pens, guitar pics, flashlights, etc.

It is an unavoidable fact that running even a budget Home Studio has hidden costs that must be considered before taking the Professional Home Studio journey.


Test Equipment, Parts, and Guitar Toolbox:

The Cave has a collection of test equipment and a Cable/Connectors/Guitar Straps/Power cables closet along with a separate closet for a Mic Locker, Guitar cases, and miscellaneous storage.

The test equipment:
- A Dual Trace 20 MHZ Oscilloscope
- A Signal Generator for White/Pink/Sweep signals
- A Capacitor Box for selecting Tone Caps for the Cave Studio Guitars
- A full assortment of power tools
- Power Drill
- Dremel Tool set
- A complete set of guitar and general tool boxes


Guitar Maintenance Parts Bins:

The Acoustic Desk doubles as a guitar and amplifier maintenance table, when required.

The maintenance bins consist of:
- A soldering station with supporting supplies
- Velcro and guitar pedal support supplies
- Guitar setup tools, strings, and supporting supplies
- Instrument cleaning, polishing, and fingerboard treatment supplies.
- An assortment of cleaning and polishing cloths in different fabrics
- Amp replacement tubes

When the Acoustic Desk is not being used for acoustic guitar or vocal/dialog recordings, instrument maintenance, or amplifier repair it serves as a general studio desk for visitors and musicians.


The Cable Closet and Guitar Strap Storage:

To manage a professional studio, it requires more than just the instruments and a recording application.

Once you decide to take the ultimate home studio journey your commitment extends to additional requirements:
• Cost of professional quality balanced cables
• Purchasing high quality guitar cables
• A commitment to at least a few studio quality microphones and stands
• A quality Direct Box to use when your instrument is not using a mic’d amp
• A studio quality DAW computer with at least 16 gig of memory, an SSD system drive, and a medium level video card
• A studio quality DAW Interface device with at least two input channels

All the equipment commitments require quality cables. If corners are cut in these areas, then your investment in studio equipment will be a waste of money.

Spending 1000's of dollars in a 24-channel recording studio is not as exciting as getting a new guitar but all the time and money to capture your creativity is lost with that new guitar if the basics are not invested in correctly.

A selection of guitar straps is required to support your instruments. Different guitar body shapes require different guitar strap designs.

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