Studio Design Maintenance Desks

The Studio maintenance administration desk and Guitar, Amp, and Pedal work bench


The Muse Cave Studio design includes spaces for guitar and amp maintenance and repair.

Next to the main studio desk is a maintenance table used for guitar restringing, setup, and repair. The Maintenance Desk is used for general session as well.

To the left of the main studio desk is a studio desk for the IOS devices, Cable modem for the 1 GIG high speed Internet connection and a “Land Line” phone system.

An Amazon Alexa is also on the desk for voice activated internet and information services.


The Cave has a collection of test equipment and a Cable/Connectors/Guitar Straps/Power cables closet along with a separate closet for a Mic Locker, Guitar cases, and miscellaneous storage.

The test equipment:
- A Dual Trace 20 MHZ Oscilloscope
- A Signal Generator for White/Pink/Sweep signals
- A Capacitor Box for selecting Tone Caps for the Cave Studio Guitars
- A full assortment of power tools
- Power Drill
- Dremel Tool set
- A complete set of guitar and general tool boxes

A specialized Guitar “Tacklebox” contains guitar related components for maintenance and repair.