Studio Mixing & Mastering Monitor System

The Analog Mixing & Speaker Monitoring System


The Analog Monitoring & Mixing section creates the signals for two powered speaker sets. The Event 2020 bi-amped studio monitors are the “Upstairs” speakers and the Yamaha HS5 speakers serve as an alternative “Near Field” speaker pair for checking a Cave Musical Portrait mix. A JBL Arena S10 subwoofer is set to crossover at 110HZ to handle the studio’s low end.

An Allen & Heath ZED 10 analog mixer is configured to accept channels 3 through 6 from the Focusrite OctoPre’s D-25 connector for the UA Ox Box stereo out and the Strymon Stereo Wet effect DI send. The Source Audio Stereo Digital pedalboard feeds channels 1 & 2 and 7 & 8 receives the stereo out from either the Apple iPad Pro or the iPhone analog out from the dual Linear ABY switch boxes. The Stereo Playback controls the Apple MacBook Pro stereo audio out.


The last component is the PreSonus Central Station Studio Control Room monitor system. It is a 19” rack mount unit with a cabled full remote that selects the two speaker choices along with the subwoofer. It is fed by the Focusrite 8Pre USB main stereo output. An auxiliary digital light pipe is available for TOS feed and SPDIF for RCA type cabling. Dual headphone outputs are available for an addition to the Focusrite headphone amps.

The room is tuned using a DBX calibration mic and the Room EQ Wizard REM software application. The PreSonus Control Station has front panel controls to balance all three stereo speaker sets when tuning the room. The controls are screwdriver pots that are designed not to be accidentally changed.