Cave Studio Tours

Over the years the Muse Guitarist's "Cave Studio" has seen many changes in its design. The home of the "Musical Portrait", the name given to the multi-genre musical compositions by Brad Huett, has evolved from a simple bedroom-based place to record musical ideas to a full-featured professional home studio.

In February of 2021 the evolution of the Cave took a major step forward. A dedicated large, 18' by 12', apartment bedroom was converted into a well designed professional studio environment.

The Muse Cave's Primary Functional Elements:

  • The room is functionally divided into two spaces:
      - The 6' x 12' recording area: Three primary tube amps with dual 12" Celestion Creambacks
      - The 12' x 12' control room: Large DAW desk with triple 4K monitors & 88 keyboard shelf

  • A centralized studio speaker monitoring control system:  
      - BiAmped main "Upstairs" powered monitors and a set of "Near Field" powered speakers 
    - A JBL subwoofer with active crossover circuit and gain staging
      - Dual headphones, with interactive talkback system, controlled with a full function remote
      - Professional room acoustics treatment with pink noise EQ tuning using a 15 band EQ

  • A quad DAW video monitoring system
    - Large 50' Wall-mounted 4K UHD video monitor
    - Dual 27" 4K UHD DAW for the top of the line DELL I9 9900 workstation tower
    - An HP 28" 1080 monitor dedicated to the H & K Black Spirit 200 Floor iPad application

  • An integrated Guitar Pedalbord System: 8 Direct tracks & 8 mic's amp tracks
    - Nine pedalboards with dedicated studio roles
    - A Strymon Trio stereo effects board configured for Wet/Dry/Wet recordings
    - An active 6 amp guitar signal distribution system with ground lifts and phase control

  • Three five guitar wall mounted "String Swings" to manage the guitar collection of the floor
    - Primary storage for all guitars, removes the need for guitar stand for all of the instruments
    - Two guitar stands available for session instrument selection

  • Two Studio additional mic recording and maintenance desks
    - A desk for acoustic guitar and vocal micing
    - An administration and studio support desk

  • Studio calbles and parts locker
    - Cable management storage system
    - Studio parts bin
    - The Cave's test equipment locker

  • The Cave multi-color lighting system with remotes
    - Guitar track lighting
    - Under desk mood lighting
    - Dual mood light color poles
    - Indirect ceiling color light molding strip