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The Black Spirit 200 Solid State Amp

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Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit 200 | 200-watt Floorboard Amplifier

The Solid State “Dry” Amp in the Wet/Dry/Wet Triple Amp Configuration

Studio Role Description

The Cave Wet/Dry/Wet triple amp configuration: The “Dry” amp:

The Wet/Dry/Wet three amps:
• A stereo DAW “Wet” tone source using two amps for the ZED 10 Effects mixer’s blend of the Strymon and Source Audio effects, along with a Stage Amp “Dry” a blending tone,
• A mono DAW “Dry” tone for the center image instrument tone

The Wet/Dry/Wet Dry amp does have a “Wet” pedalboard when mono Wet Effects are desired:
• A Dual Soft overdrive and Distortion pedal for gain staging and tone shaping
• A Primary Delay: Digital, Analog, and Slap Back
• A Supporting Delay: Shimmer Effect
• A Sustainer: Holds last guitar notes
• A Primary Reverb: Hall, Room, and Low-Fi
• A Supporting Reverb: Ambiance Tones


The Black Spirit 200 floorboard can re-create practically any iconic amplifier without ever digitizing your signal. It’s called the Spirit Tone Generator, and it actually re-creates famous amp topologies by switching around analog components.

Tubes get all the glory, but every component in a tube amplifier plays a huge role in the final sound, and the Black Spirit 200 floorboard's Spirit Tone Generator switches in whichever components are necessary to achieve the sound of classic amps.

The Black Spirit 200 floorboard has all the features found in the Black Spirit head and combo amps, including 200 watts of power and an integrated Red Box AE+ speaker emulation output.

This amp has the sonic versatility of the Spirit Tone Generator with the practical functionality of the FSM-432 MIDI footswitch. There are true bypass pre-loops and a dedicated monitor input for convenience.

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The Solid State “Dry” Amp in the Wet/Dry/Wet Triple Amp Configuration



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