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The Kelley Boutique Tube Amp

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F.A.C.S. 30/60 Foot Actuated Channel Switching '80s 6V6 Tube Amp

Stage Amp #1 is a boutique American '80s tube amp

Studio Role Description

F.A.C.S. 30/60 Foot Actuated Channel Switching tube combo guitar amp is one of two “Stage Amps”.

Stage Amps are the primary tone amps in the Cave Studio and fed by a common tone-shaping pedalboard and distributed using a PreSonus BlueTube V2 two channel tube preamp


The Kelley FACS (Foot Activated Channel Switching) amplifier runs four 6V6s in its output tube section and is known for its extremely high plate voltages— 485 volts! That’s about 20 volts hotter than a modern-day Marshall head.

An old blackface Fender Deluxe runs about 430 volts on its 6V6s, so you can see just how brutal that 485-volts reading is to the FACS’ output tubes.

You can switch the FACS’ output from 30 watts to 60 watts. In the 30-watt mode, only two output tubes are active, whereas all four output tubes are active in the 60-watt setting.

The amp’s massively over-designed power transformer is rated at 135 watts RMS, which guarantees it an easy life, even when you drive the amplifier at full power.

The FACS also sports active-shelving EQ controls, which sound very open, breathy, and natural.

These amps have tremendous reverb circuits as well, with a deep, rich tone feeding a powerful ElectroVoice EVM12-L speaker.

Operating a FACS combo is very straightforward. The front panel has only three controls:
• Gain (which has a pull-out Presence function)
• Treble (with a pull-out Bright setting)
• Bass (with a pull-out Mid-boost function)

The Jim Kelley FACS - AKA "The Other Dumble" :-)

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Stage Amp #1 is a boutique American '80s tube amp



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AB 0134


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Jim Kelley Amplifiers


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