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The Tone King Tube Combo Amp

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Tone King Gremlin 1x12" 7-watt Tube Combo Amp without reverb

An American, low wattage, studio tube amp and is Bedroom Amp #2

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A Studio Blending Amp: Bedroom Amp #2:

The “Bedroom Amps” are named for their low power, bedroom quality, tones.

The Tone King Gremlin’s role is for a “American Fender” tone blending tube amps with the Stage Amps.

Bedroom Amps are fed by a common tone-shaping pedalboard and distributed using a two channel BBE Sonic fed by a JHS active ABY distribution switch.

The Stage Amp pedalboard only uses “Wet” and “Drive” pedals:
• Gain Staging Compressor
• Transparent Drives: Klon Centaur clones
• Soft Clipping Drives
• Hard Clipping Distortion
• A “De-Tuning” Modulation
• A Dual Delay & Reverb

The final stage is a pair of JHS Clover preamps for amp input gain staging and a pair of LPD signal buffers to ensure a common high-quality signal is sent to the two amps.


Whether you play onstage or at home, the Tone King Gremlin 5-watt 1 x 12" tube amp will supply you with the juiced-up sounds of Blackface- and tweed-era guitar amplifiers in a convenient, compact combo.

With two inputs and controls for Volume and Tone, the Gremlin couldn't be easier to use.

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An American, low wattage, studio tube amp and is Bedroom Amp #2



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