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The Three Home Studio Types

The 3 Types of Home Studios

Building a home studio is an exciting and rewarding experience when planned correctly. 

The Cave believes there are three types of Home Studios

 Choosing the correct Home Studio type is essential for a rewarding experience.

What are the Three Home Studio Types?

  1. I just want to create simple recordings of my music to play for friends and family

  2. I want to create recordings that represent my creative thoughts well enough to take into a better studio: “Demo Recordings”

  3. I want to create professional music, and music videos, productions that are “Radio Quality”

Your commitment to these areas must be clear

  • Create simple recordings:

    • Lowest Cost - Lowest skill set requirement, and commitment

    • Lowest Time – A minor learning commitment time 


  • Create recordings to take into a better studio:

    • Medium Cost - Higher skillset requirement and commitment

    • Medium Time – A major learning and skill commitment 

  • Create professional “Radio Quality” music:

    • Highest Cost – It will become your “Money Pit”

    • Highest Time – A serious learning commitment

Studio Type Gear
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