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Colour Box V2 Preamp

Studio Role: 

Core Guitar Preamp for DAW Direct and all Pedalboards





Colour Box V2 Preamp

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Studio Role Description

The JHS Colour Box V2 is the Cave's core guitar preamp for DAW Direct and all Pedalboard inputs. It is the "Master Gain Management" preamp as it sets the 0dB base reference level for the Distribution Pedalboard.

It provides a balanced Direct In for a Core Tone DAW track. This track is used for blend mixing with other tracks and the source instrument tone for "Reamping" using the Two Notes Torpedo Reload reamp feature.

Device Details

The Colour Box is a fully analog, transformer-based design and sweet-sounding EQ section, the Colour Box V2 is a tone-shaper that re-creates classic tones.

From the Beatles’ “Revolution” to Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” to Neil Young’s “Cinnamon Girl,” some of rock’s most storied guitar tones were created by skipping the amp and plugging right into a vintage recording console.

The JHS Colour Box V2 takes that concept and drops it on your pedalboard.

The JHS Colour Box is not just for Guitars, the Colour Box V2 also used on Bass Guitar, Keys and Synth reamp tracks, and can be used on Vocals.

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