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Sound Design | Resampling, Sound Effects, and Groove Loops

Studio Sound Design

Today's musical genres may require creative audio tracks that enhance the listener's enjoyment of the artist's musical performances but are not performed by an artist.


Nonartist performed tracks require skills to create sounds that are musical, in nature, and support the tracks performed by the composition artists.

Sound Design services provide for Resampling, Sound Effects, & Groove Loops

What is “Sound Design”?

The Cave’s Sound Design services are the art of creating audio Stem Tracks for music composition or music video production.

Sound Design services acquire, modify, and create new audio Stems Track elements.

The elements created are edited, using professional audio production tools and techniques, and added to the production tracks.

Sound Design is also the art of editing previously composed or recorded licensed and public domain audio

Sound Design Services
Sound Design Studio

Sound Design Services

Sound Design Offering Arenas:

  • Music Production

    • Stereo Spatial Effects

    • Music Loops:

    • Groove Development

  • Music Video Sound Effects

    • Supporting effects

    • Dialog support

  • Various Media Types:

    • Underscore Support

      • Film support

      • Streaming Services

      • Video Games

      • Training Videos

  • Musical instrument Development

    • Tuned Samples

    • Percussive Instruments

  • Nature Sampling​

    • Location Recording​

    • Resampling Loops

A Sound Designer is a Digital Studio Engineer who is skilled in
Digital Editing techniques that practice the Art & Science of Sound Design.

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