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Performance "Reamping" Services

Cave Studio Amps

The Muse Cave has an impressive collection of guitar amps, both legacy boutique and modern with classic tonalities from America and Britain.

Using the Cave's world-class Guitars, Basses, and Virtual Instruments to record a "Dry Core Tone" performance on a specialized DAW template track creates infinite possibilities for shaping the performance for the Final Mix.

By using World-class Studio Tube & Solid-state amplifiers with Specialized Outboard DAW preamps, unique offerings of "After Performance Tracking Reamping" services are available.

"Reamping is the process of creating one or more stem mix
candidate tracks from a single Instrument performance track"

Direct ReAmping using a Fender Twin Reverb

What are the Benefits of "Reamping"?

  • Speeds up the performance tracking process by concentrating on getting clean performances

  • Defers the "Perfect Tone" process until after a great performance has been achieved 

  • Ability to create "Reference" Reamp tracks for use during instrumentation development 

  • Creates the ability to replace an Instrument Stem during the Mix stage if the current Instrument Stem tone is no longer compatible

"Reamping defers Stem Tone Design to the Production Mix Stage
for better Stereo Image Placement & Tonal Harmonics"

The Muse Cave Reamp Process​

1 - Choose a "Direct Input" Instrument Recording Path

  • Direct input from the Core Tone preamp: Frontend pedals

    • DI from the JHS Colour Box Preamp/EQ​

  • Direct input from a Cave preamp: No frontend pedals

    • DI from the Avalon 737sp Preamp/EQ/Compressor​

    • DI from the Empirical Labs MIKE-e EL9 Preamp/Compressor

    • DI from the Heritage Audio HA-73 EQ Elite Series Preamp/EQ

2 - Record the Performance on a DAW Track​​

  • Colour Box: DAW Track 17​

  • 737sp: DAW Track 13

  • MIKE-e: DAW Track 14

  • HA-73 EQ: DAW Track 15

3 - Select a Reamp Source

  • A Guitar or Bass Amp​

    • Kelly F.A.C.S. 30/60​

    • Fender Twin Reverb

    • Blackstar HT-20R Mrk II

    • Tone King Gremlin

    • Huges & Kettner Black Spirit 200 Floorboard

    • Strymon & Source Audio Digital Stereo Effects Board

    • Hartke HD 150 Bass Amp for Bass Reamping

  • Outboard Reamp Preamp​

    • 737sp: DAW Track 13

    • MIKE-e: DAW Track 14

    • HA-73 EQ: DAW Track 15

4 - Send the Performance Track's Hardware Out​​

DAW Out 3 -> Selected Reamp Guitar or Bass Amp Source ​

DAW Out 4 -> Avalon 737sp

DAW Out 5 -> MIKE-e

DAW Out 6 -> HA-73 EQ Neve 1073 clone

5 - Record the New Track on the Selected Template Track​

  • Set the dB level on the ReAmp track to match the Performance track

  • Move the first waveform of the new ReAmp track to phase align the first waveform of the Performance track

  • Archive the Performance track using the project asset management process for possible future changes

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