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Recording Live Acoustic Sources | The Truth about High-end Mics 


One of the perceived advantages to producing your creative ideas in a commercial storefront studio is their impressive microphone locker.

Most high-end studios will market their "Speciality Selected Top-of-the-Line" showcase mics as a "Must Have" for any kind of success in a studio.

Good mics are a "Must Have" requirement to capture performances from music sources such as Acoustic Guitar, Amplifiers, Vocals, & Percussion instruments.

98% of your audience will not be able to hear the difference between a
$10,000 mic recording and a high-quality $1500 equivalent microphone

Planning, Mixing, Mastering, & Management

Project Production, Engineering, and Technology services are available to support the Home Studio owner. The Muse Cave recording services can be offered as online collaboration or as-directed off-line services.

Services include:

  • Creative Project team virtual video project planning sessions

  • Project Cost Management per session

  • Production Management services ensure a successful engagement

Premier Cave Mics
View the Cave's Studio Gear

Session Engineering Tracking Services

  • Raw Tracking instrumental sessions

  • Sweeting Overdubbing sessions

  • Performances Mixing sessions

  • Mix Mastering sessions

Project Management Services

One of the biggest challenges, once you start to produce your music, is managing the enormous amount of generated recording artifacts.

File management, along with the disk space required management, is essential for you to be able to come back to your ideas that get lost over time

This is a Project Management link to Costly Mistakes post
The Cave's Architecture

Project File and Disk Management

  • Production Document Artifact Archive Management

    • Disk drive locations

      • On-premises

      • In the Cloud

  • Project Folder Backups

    • During production archives

      • Project backup folder management

    • Hard drive backups

      • Local storage

      • Cloud storage

Session Performance Stem Tracking Management

  • Performance Track Raw Elements

    • Direct Input tracking management

    • Single and multi-micing management

  • Performance Elements Mix Stems

    • Rhythm Tracks- Single and multi-performances management

    • Melody and Solo track management

  • Drum Kit Pieces and Percussion Pieces Mix Stems Management

    • Primary Stems – Kick and Snare,

    • Drum Kit Pieces Stems – Cymbals, Toms, Overheads, and Rooms

    • Drum Kit Effects Stems – Kit Verb, Kit Smash, Snare Verb, Snare Smash, & Delay

    • Percussion Instrument Stems – Synths and Live Micing

    • Drum Kit and Percussion Stem Mixes - Pieces Mix Stem Drum Mi

Session Stem Tracking Recording Assignments
Mixing Recording Assignments

Project Mixes & Mastering

Creating your musical work is the Mixing stage of production. This is the “Magical” part of taking the raw performances and rendering a stereo work of art and science with all the “Bells and Whistles” that modern technology provides.

Your song will not be complete until the mix has been “Mastered.” Mastering is an art in itself as it requires more technical knowledge and experience with physical acoustics and psychoacoustics than the mix stage.

Mastering also produces a composition mix that the Internet Streaming Services will receive favorably from you.

  • Composition Reference and Final Mixes

  • Composition Masters

  • Music Services Posting Masters

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