What are Chapters?

Chapters are a collection of Live Guitar performances with a "Minimalist Music" approach.

Sometimes they will be just a spontaneous Guitar Performances captured in time. Other times it will improvisations to simple Beat Tracks or Drums and Bass tracks with a common theme.

The underlying threads will be Live Performances without any studio edits. If there are less than perfect execution of musical thoughts well, so be it. :-)

There will be common Musical Themes repeated in the Musical Portraits as a tie to other Chapter performances.

The performances will be composed using a number of Musical Genres ranging from Solo Jazz Guitar improvs to Ambiance and Free-form Guitar performances. There will be Rock grooves and even some Metal performances.

I am creating this music to bypass the long studio processes in producing "Perfect Tracks" so I can get my musical thoughts out to the world in a much more timely fashion.

I hope you enjoy these spontaneous creative musical expressions.

             - Brad Huett

               Muse Guitarist