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Home Studio Design

Once you have made the decision of what level of commitment to your art you are willing to engage in, it is time to discuss a sensible studio design.

Studio Design

The studio design must provide these functions:

  1. Bring realized musical value, in the shortest period of time, which justifies the time and money

  2. The design must be extensible: You will improve the design through short improvement iterations

The design must include a training program to
ensure that you have the ability to maintain your studio

Required Home Studio Knowledge Areas

Making the right selection is not just based on money but also on your current level of experience in these areas:

  • Basic Electronics

  • Acoustic Engineering

  • Audio Recording Engineering

  • Studio Design

  • Audio Mixing and Mastering

  • Website Music Streaming Services posting requirements

  • Instrumentation Performance Skills 

  • Recording Equipment Use Experience

Studio Knowledge Areas
Studio Design Services

Studio Design Services

The initial Studio Design Consulting Services will provide these living document artifacts:

  • A PDF format document detailing the vision you have for the first design iteration, agreed upon by all of our project members on the team

  • A diagram of the studio vision, created in Microsoft Visio but exported to a diagramming application of your choice

  • A high-resolution image, in the .png image format, of the diagram of the studio vision

  • A cost commitment breakdown:

    • The current iteration studio items estimated cost and delivery dates

    • Design labor costs for creating the document artifacts listed above

    • Studio design consulting fees

  • A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of all recommended studio equipment detailing:

    • The recommended studio item: Manufacturer, Model

    • The item’s functional categorization | Example: AC Power – Surge Protection – AC Power Strips

      • Primary Category

      • Category Type

      • Type Class

    • A complete description of the item:

      • Manufacturer description

      • Studio use description

      • A reference .png image of the item

    • The item’s Studio Role:

      • A description of what functionality it provides within the studio design

      • Any prerequisite studio items required prior to this item’s purchase

    • The estimated cost of the item from at least two vendors

      • A recommendation will not always be the lowest cost

      • If the recommendation is not the lowest price available, you must justify the “Value-added” provided by the Vendor

      • Replacement cost, when applicable to the item

    • The purchasing type:

      • New: Vendor provides full manufacture packaging, accessories, and warranties

      • Used: Justification for buying used and the seller guarantees of functionality

      • Refurbished: Justification for buying refurbished and the seller guarantees and warranties

    • The level of complexity the item brings to the studio

    • A training plan for understanding the item, if required

  • An estimated recommended studio design delivery time breakdown:

    • Initial design discovery sessions with project team members

    • First iteration design delivery date for approval

    • Procurement Time frames:

      • Any special order delays

      • Vendor availability

    • Any delivery requirement restriction delays

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA):

    • Defined scope

    • Defined instances

These design services provide a roadmap for the Client to create the vision that the team agrees to in the first design document artifact.

The Cave is dedicated to ensuring that your new studio will bring value
with the least amount of time and money possible based on the selected Studio Type

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