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Online Studio Services

One of the greatest technological advances for us musicians is the maturity of the Internet. With the high bandwidth, and connection speeds approaching a gigabyte, remote recording is not only possible but getting better every day.

The Cave offers interactive Online Video Chats for Instrumental Sessions,
1 on 1 & Personal and Group, Studio Planning & Design, Music Portfolio Collaboration, and Project Management

Home Studio On-line Services

Remote Services

As Internet technologies continue to improve the Cave's ability to offer near  latency-free session recording and interactive "Whiteboarding" is improving, as well.

There are three types of "Remote Online Services":

  1. Project Support - Consulting, Performance, and Recording 

  2. Training - Engineering, Instrumental Lessons, Project Management

  3. Issue Resolution - Service Level Agreement (SLA) Compliance

Online Interactive Sessions

Issue Resolution

The Cave garrentees that agreed up response and resolution times will be met. A formally defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) response time is created when an engagement is finalized.

Contact avenues are:

  • Email Requests

  • Smartphone Texts

  • Phone call requests

  • Carrier Pigeons 😊

Resolution avenues are:

  • Video working sessions:

  • Email Requests

  • Smartphone Texts

  • Phone call follow-ups 

The Project SLA will define the support scope, hours of availability, 
and number of occurrences within a defined time period

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