A Showcase of Musical Portraits

How to get the full experience from the Cave's Musical Portraits Players

  • The Quarter Note Icon, next to the Speaker Icon when clicked, will show Track Notes
    These are details about the track and the history of the Musical Portrait

  • Many of the Portraits Vault's Final Mix Tracks are available in the Tracks Vault - Reference Mixes section in 16 bit Wav format, before Mastering, for comparison
    These files are large as they are the Mixed Wav File

  • The Speaker Icon, when moused over, will allow you to adjust the volume of the playback
    A Single Click will Mute the track

  • Use the Timeline to drag Forward and Back in the playback time to listen to sections or skip to later parts
    The time Indicator is very accurate and easy to set

  • The VCR type Forward and Reverse controls can be used to select the Last Portrait and the Next Portrait
    If you are on the First Portrait the Reverse control will select the Last Portrait