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Instrumental, Engineering, Project, & Video Online Skills Training

Online Training Services

The Cave offers online instruction in these related areas:

  • Guitar & Bass, Drum Programming, Music Theory, and Composition

  • Recording Engineering, Psychoacoustics, & Acoustic Engineering

  • Project, Music and Music Video Production

  • Studio & Streaming Technology

Lessons in these areas can be one-on-one or in an online group chat. All lessons are supported with download artifacts

Instrumentalist Skills

The Cave’s Instrumentalist training focuses on musical knowledge for guitar and electric bass.

Support for improved performance skills, a composing artist needs knowledge in the areas of music theory.


The Cave offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced coaching in these Music Theory areas:

  • Guitar & Bass Performance Training: Technique & Tracking skills

  • Composition: Arrangement, Transcription, Melody  & Lyric Writing Skills

  • Basic and advanced harmony understanding: Vertical Structures

  • Basic and advanced modal understanding: Horizontal Modal Structures

Guitar Skills
Cave Studio Skills

Studio Skills

  • Studio Engineering: Room Acoustics, DAW Recording, Stem Tracking, Mixing, Mastering

  • Studio Gear: Preamps, Amps, Pedalboards, Micing, and DAW Plugins

  • Project Management: Producing Skills, Session Asset Management, and Daily Dollar Burn

  • Technology: DAW Hardware & Software, Wi-Fi, and Streaming Services

Music Video Skills

  • Music Mastering for Video Production Projects

  • Sound Design development for Music Video Special Effects

  • Still Photoshop image creation: Managing Size, Opacity, and Hues

  • Managing Video Footage: Shooting A & B Roll Footage | Using Stock Footage

  • Music, Dialog, & Effects: Using the Adobe Music and Video Production Suite

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