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Instrumental Performance Tracking

Instrumental Services

Instrumental Services are the Cave's offerings for studio instrumental tracking of Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, and Drum Programming.


Live vocal, Dialog, and Percussive instrument tracking, as well.

Professional performance tracking is available using “Recorded Stems.”

Stems are .wav music files rendered as stand-alone tracks

Recorded Performances

Guitar Performances

  • Electric Guitar Tracks

    • A strong selection of solid body, semi-hollow body , and archtop jazz guitars available

  • Acoustic Guitar Tracks

    • Top of the line Taylor 814ce and Seagull Nashville-tuned acoustics

    • High-end acoustic guitar microphones to blend with the transducer onboard electronics

The Dark Knights Fender Muse Collection

Bass Performances

  • Bass Guitar Tracks

    • Top of the line Fender Professional II 5 string Precision Bass with classic passive pickup system

    • High-end Ibanez BTB745 5 string long scale neck-through Bass with active Bartolini pickup system

  • Synth Bass Instrument Tracks

    • A large collection of virtual bass synths plugins

    • A collection of virtual bass instruments

The Cave's Bass Guitars

Drums & MIDI Programming

  • Drum Tracks - Live Drummer MIDI Groove Performances

    • Slate SSD Groove sequencing

    • Third Party Grooves

  • MIDI Programming

    • Drum Tracks

    • Sound Designed Effects

  • Loop Beats

    • Sampled Grooves

    • Third Party Loops

Slate Digital's SSD5 Drums
The Cave's Roland Cloud Collection: The Concerto
“Top of the Line” Cremona Quartet Virtual Plugin

Virtual Synthesizers Instruments

  • Acoustic Piano

    • 88 Key multi-sampled Grand Piano

    • A collection of high-quality legacy acoustic pianos

  • Electric Pianos

    • A collection a high-quality virtual Rhodes-type virtual instrument

    • A collection of classic and modern Electric Pianos virtual instruments

  • Keyboards

    • A full collection of Classic & Legacy instruments

    • A collection of modern Synthesizes

  • Solo Instruments

    • Horns

      • A strong collection Brass Instruments

    • Woodwinds

      • Full collections of Reed instruments

    • Percussion

      • A collection of vibes, marimbas, and world virtual instruments

    • Orchestra Instruments

      • Full Orchestra String sections, Wind, Brass, and Percussive instruments

      • Virtual String Instruments – “Top of the Line” Cremona Quartet

      • The Stradivari Violin and the Stradivari Cello

      • The Guarneri Violin and the Amati Viola

Live Acoustic Micing

  • Vocals

    • A high-end collection of quality vocal mics from Neumann, Royer, and AKG

  • Dialog Voice Over

    • Various quality dialog mics

  • Acoustic Guitar & Percussion Instruments

    • Specialty mics to create full-range stereo recordings of acoustic instruments

The Cave's Premier Mics
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