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SwitchBone V2

Pedalboard Routing

SwitchBone V2

General Description

Switchbone #1:

This is the first of two Switchbone distribution boxes.

It is used to drive the Stage and Bedroom amps pedalboards.


With the Radial Switchbone V2 ABY/C amp selector and booster, you can effortlessly toggle between and combine up to three guitar amplifiers with a tap of your foot.

Switching is completely silent, by virtue of high-performance opto-couplers.

Buzz and hum aren't an issue either, thanks to transformer-isolated outputs.

Replicate the tone and feel of being connected directly to your amp with the Switchbone V2's Drag control.

A variable Baseline buffer control boosts the front end of your amp for extra punch, and a built-in power booster achieves up to +18dB of clean gain.

The Radial Switchbone V2's Class A input buffer ensures top-quality sound, enabling longer cable runs without signal degradation.

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