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the Studio Maintenance


The Muse Cave Studio design includes spaces for guitar and amp maintenance and repair.

Next to the main studio desk is a maintenance table used for guitar restringing, setup, and repair. The Maintenance Desk is used for general session as well.

To the left of the main studio desk is a studio desk for the IOS devices, Cable modem for the 1 GIG high speed Internet connection and a “Land Line” phone system.

An Amazon Alexa is also on the desk for voice activated internet and information services.


The Cave has a collection of test equipment and a Cable/Connectors/Guitar Straps/Power cables closet along with a separate closet for a Mic Locker, Guitar cases, and miscellaneous storage.

The test equipment:
- A Dual Trace 20 MHZ Oscilloscope
- A Signal Generator for White/Pink/Sweep signals
- A Capacitor Box for selecting Tone Caps for the Cave Studio Guitars
- A full assortment of power tools
- Power Drill
- Dremel Tool set
- A complete set of guitar and general tool boxes

A specialized Guitar “Tacklebox” contains guitar related components for maintenance and repair.


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