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A Safe Place for Your Creative Work
The Muse Guitarist, Brad Huett, is a featured guitarist at "Music Theory for Guitar", the Tommaso Zillio community 
and a member of the "Hardcore Music Studi
o" the Jordan Valeriote professional mixing community


  • Mix your Track Stems with Top of the Line outboard equipment

  • Add Professional  Vocal, Guitar, Bass, and SoftSynth Instruments to your music

  • Create a realistic Program Drum Stem for your tracks

  • Mix your Drum tracks with professional drum sample-triggered replacements

  • A High-end collection of Metal, Rock, Country, Jazz, and Blues guitars and premium bass guitars

Featuring: Neve, Avalon, Empirical Labs Preamps & Compressors
with UAD, Slate, Waves Plugins & Black Salt Audio Technologies

Contact us: | Philadelphia Area: 610 635-9060

Cave Studio Showcase  - A different take on a classic song
Another BrickMuse Guitarist
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Music Showcase | A collection of the Musical Portraits
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