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Follow up Actions after Selecting a Repair Shop

What do I do after I decide on a repair shop?

After you have the calls with each of the owners on your shortlist, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Did the owner show a real passion for the “Art & Science” of guitar maintenance?

  2. Did you get the sense that his answers were sincere and not canned responses?

  3. During the call did you become excited to do business with the company?

  4. What was the general “Vibe” you got during the call?

  5. Did it get better as the call progressed or worse?

  6. How did it compare to the last call if this was not the first owner you asked the ten questions?

After your calls with your shortlist and you chose a shop, go back to the Internet, and spend at least five minutes seeking out additional information:

  • Look for online reviews from guitar sites, if available

  • Check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints

  • Ask your friends if they have any experience with anyone using your selected shop

Choosing a guitar shop is a long-term choice that should be seen as choosing the “Doctor for your Guitar Babies”.

The seeming complex process above is a small price to pay to help ensure that your investment in your instruments will return all the joy and creative inspiration that has made you an honored member of the alumni of guitarists committed to being a “Lifelong Student of the Guitar”

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