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The Schramm Stringed Instrument Repair Owner

Mike Schramm.png

Mike Schramm is the owner of the repair shop.


He is a professional Guitar Technician that has a small, very “Vibey” guitar maintenance and repair shop in West Chester, PA.

His storefront sign, off of Downingtown Pike, reads:


“Schramm Stringed Instrument Repair” Buy, Sell, and Trade By appointment only

Mike's shop is in his small house with a back room perfectly set up and equipped for any challenge you bring to him.


He has two shop mascots: His very protective adorable dogs.

Being a dedicated, personalized shop, all visits are by “Appointment Only”.


I loved this as it guaranteed his attention during my check-out visit. Here he is demonstrating his work for me.

Mike with my D'Agelico DC Premier Semi-hollowbody 335 clone
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