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The Service Offerings

Instrument Repairs

  • Acoustic Guitars

  • Electric Guitars

  • Acoustic / Standup Bass

  • Bass Guitars

  • Violins & Violin Bows

  • Banjos

  • Ukuleles

  • Mandolins

  • Lap Steel Guitars


Anything with strings!

Additional Professional Services

  • Professional instrument setup

  • Handmade custom nuts and saddles

  • Fingerboard refret service

  • Fret leveling

  • Pickup replacement

  • Custom pickup wiring designs

  • Crack and dent repairs

  • Neck and bridge reset

  • Shielding Routing

Specialty work estimates are available!

Schramm Stringed Instrument Repair Preventive Maintenance Program

I can help to identify potential instrument problems before they happen!
Ask me about my Preventive Maintenance Program.

I offer a regular maintenance subscription service that will keep your instrument playing perfectly for its lifetime

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