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My Guitar Technician Choice

The choice for a local shop, as defined in the “Choosing a Guitar Tech Shop”, is a personal journey to finding the best “Guitar Hospital and Urgent Care” for your “Guitar Babies”. You may not succeed the first time.

I live in the western suburbs of Philadelphia and have used Guitar Center in Plymouth Meeting, PA, and Sam Ash in King of Prussia, PA with limited success.

My recommendation in the “Choosing a Guitar Tech Shop” section to not choose a retail music store shop is based on some unfavorable experiences

Choosing a Guitar Shop

“In-store shops are risky as the threshold of competency is generally very low.
If this is all you have, ask the ten questions, and get a feel if you wish to take the risks.
If the tech is hesitant or not willing to completely answer the questions:
“Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid” and end the call.

Guitar retail stores can be a convenient place to do the maintenance that you should be doing yourself:
The Basics as stated in the “Choosing a Guitar Tech Shop” section

My current choice was driven by my desire to receive better results from the intermediate service requests and confidence in the advanced service repairs.
The local Guitar Center proved to be good only for services that I was too lazy to do on my own.
The Sam Ash technician was good at the intermediate tasks but no longer was working at the King of Prussia store.
So, my journey began...

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