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Music Composition Support Services

Project Production Services

We all struggle sometimes with completing a musical idea. Maybe it's refinement, or maybe it is a new section to enhance the musical vision.

The Cave offers support in completing musical ideas and arrangement services along with Performance Transcription services.

A fresh set of Eyes & Ears on your Creative Work
can sometimes turn a Good Song into a Great Song

Music Composition and Theory

Collaboration services are available to help refine and complete musical ideas and concepts.

Everybody has their own thoughts on how to compose music, but a strong understanding of the basics will help improve your creative efforts.

Music Composition & Theory

  • Songwriting collaboration on verse structure and hook refinements

  • Genre Music Theory concepts for new ideas

  • Composition Analysis for improvements

Assett Management
Sond Sections.png

Song Sections &  Arrangement

  • Composition information

    • Working title: You can change the title at a later date

    • Inspirational statement: What was the inspiration for the composition?

    • Is this composition a music video candidate?

    • Genre selected

    • Tempo BPM: Is this a “Freeform” performance candidate

    • Time signature: Musical time signature for sheet music transcription

    • Key signature: Musical key for sheet music transcription

    • Primary Mode, if applicable

  • Sections defined and instrumentation

  • Sections emotional response understanding

  • Chorus, the “Hook” if applicable, identified and refined

Lyric Collaboration

  • Lyric story development

  • Hook lyric creation

  • Identify which musical sections are instrumental only

  • Create lyrics for non-instrumental sections that tell the “Story”

  • Select a vocal style and gender that supports the story

Vocal Music
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