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Musical Project Planning Services

Asset Management

The Cave supports the old adage: "Plan your Work & Work your Plan".

To help ensure that the vision that you have in your creative mind is realized in the real world, Musical Project Planning Services provide a roadmap for success.

The Experience from Past Project Successes and Failures
provides the Wisdom for Your Projects Success

Project Production Planning

Project Production, Engineering, and Technology services are available to support the Home Studio owner.

  • Creative Project team virtual video project planning sessions

  • Project Cost Management per session

  • Music Production management services to ensure a success

Engineering Tracking.png
Recording Serices

Session Engineering Tracking

The Muse Cave recording services can be offered as online collaboration or as-directed off-line services.

  • Raw Tracking instrumental sessions

  • Sweeting Overdubbing sessions

  • Performances Mixing sessions

  • Mix Mastering sessions

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