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Bad Horsie 2 Wah

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Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Wah

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Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Wah

General Description

The Morley Bad Horsie is one of the all-time great classic Wah pedals.

Designed in collaboration with Steve Vai back in the 1990s, it’s become one of Morley’s best-sellers and a staple on many professional’s pedalboards.

Two Wah modes give you plenty to work with and the Contour mode allows you to adjust the frequency and tone.

The level control gives you the option of 15 dBs for when you need to ascend into guitar greatness or level yourself out in the mix.


The Ttone Klone is a Centaur Klone reproduction with its own distortion qualities. It is available for added Klon type hard distortion,, when required on the front end.

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