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Starlight Delay

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Starlight Echo Station

Strymon Stereo Fxs

Starlight Echo Station

General Description

The Universal Audio Starlight Echo Station is a delay lover’s Holy Grail, loaded with two stunning re-creations of legendary echo units and a pristine custom-designed digital delay in a single, ultra-robust chassis.


From the crunchy repeats of the Tape EP-III and the dark, brooding modulated bucket-brigade echoes of the Analog DDM to the crystalline chime of the Precision delay, the Starlight Echo Station is the ultimate foil for Shoegazers, psych-rockers, and experimentalists.

Plus, with enhanced features such as stereo and dual-mono operation, true bypass with silent switching, and a preset mode for switching between two delay types while preserving your echo tails, the Starlight Echo Station offers inexhaustible creative potential!

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Stereo Uni-Vibe for the Wet/Dry/Wet Stereo Effect Strymon pedalboard



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Strymon Stereo Fxs

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