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EL-9 Mike-E

Studio Role: 

Kelley Stage Amp Royer R-121 Ribbon Mic preamp



Empirical Labs


EL-9 Mike-E

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Studio Role Description

A modern clean, uncolored, DAW channel strip with Compressor/Saturator based on the iconic EL-8 Distressor, the Mike-e EL-9 is assigned to MOTU DAW Channel One.

Device Details

Empirical Labs’ Mike-E channel strip is a modern digitally controlled mic preamp.

It uses an extremely low-noise transformer on the input amplifier keeps the signal strong and clean.

The input section also features:
• A high-performance DI for direct-input instruments such as guitar and bass
• A polarity reversing switch
• A high-pass filter
• A 48V phantom power switch
• A CompSat section
---- Saturator,
---- Compressor
---- Emphasis
• Mix Control for parallel compression

These four circuits come together in the Empirical Labs Mike-E to enhance your tracks with everything from classic knee compression and limiting to colorful vintage-style saturation.

On its rear panel, Mike-E features balanced and unbalanced I/O, as well as sidechain input and stereo link jacks.

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