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HA1073EQ Elite

Studio Role: 

Fender Stage Amp Royer R-10 Ribbon Mic preamp



Heritage Audio


HA1073EQ Elite

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Studio Role Description

A Vintage Neve 1073 DAW channel strip with its colored Mic and Line preamp, complete with the iconic 1073 EQ, assigned to MOTU DAW Channel Four.

Device Details

Key components to obtain a true vintage sound are indeed maintained, like the industry standard Carnhill transformers, hand wound in St Ives, England.

Manufactured in the same Spanish facilities as the rest of the HA line of products, the HA73EQ Elite rack mountable mic preamp equalizer presents the complete classic recording channel that, for generations, has been regarded for its rich, musical qualities and its ability to dramatically improve the sound of almost any source.

The HA73EQ’s preamp section features gain, output trim, -20db pad, polarity reverse, a high pass filter, and +48v phantom power. The HA73EQ’s EQ section features a high shelving EQ, midrange EQ, low shelving EQ, a variable high pass filter, and EQ Bypass,. The HA73EQ comes housed in a rugged 1RU British steel and aluminum chassis and utilizes an external power supply for low noise operation.

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