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Professional Guitar Repair Items

What guitar maintenance should I leave to the professionals? 

Even professionals that have played for decades require the professional services of a dedicated, committed, and passionate Guitar Technologist to service their precious “children”.

Every touring band, whether a rising star band or an arena band has someone with the dedicated responsibility of ensuring that all the stringed instruments will perform as needed for every show.

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The Intermediate Level - Your Repair Shop's Support:

Until you acquire the Intermediate skills for Guitar Setup, you should have your selected shop perform your guitar's T.R.A.I.N. setup, as defined on the "Your Repair Responsibilities" web page.

The Advanced Level - The Shop's Primary Role:

  • Professional instrument setup

  • Pickup replacement

  • Custom pickup wiring designs

  • Buzzing issues

  • Fret leveling

  • Extreme relief issues

  • Acoustic guitar nut and bridgework

  • Fingerboard refret service

  • Acoustic and electric cracks, dings, & scratch repair

  • Headstock break repair – Neck breaks

  • Neck and bridge reset
  • Handmade custom nuts and saddles

  • Shielding Routing

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Additional Support Services - Your Repair Shop's Industry Relationships:

A well-stocked and functioning shop can perform miracles for your instruments.

Not all services that are required to complete a repair are the responsibility of a professional repair shop. Sometimes certain aspects of a repair must be "Farmed Out".

Along with a good shop's ability to service your stringed instruments comes access to his professional community.

These contacts can support other requirements you will have such as:

  • Amp Repair

  • Advanced Finishing Work

  • Gibson Headstock Refinishing

  • Other Industry Contact for Musician Services 

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