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Neutron Sonic Sculptor

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Neutron 3 Sculptor


General Description

Meet Sculptor, the newest addition to Neutron’s effect arsenal. This groundbreaking spectral shaper lets you completely transform your audio, or enhance the natural tone of your tracks.


Included with Neutron 3 is the Neutron 3 Sculptor. By affecting your track with a different instrument's sonic profile, Sculptor is the fastest way to shape the sound of your music in creative, unexpected ways. Sculptor features: Use target frequency curves to apply realistic dimension to your tracks: Natural (Neutrino), Guitar, Bass, Kick Drum, Piano, Snare Drum, and Speech Use intuitive dry/wet and frequency boundary controls for precision editing Refer to the ultra-responsive spectral display for a visual representation of Sculptor's effect

Studio Role

A Studio AI Sonic Sculptor

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Mixing Plugin

Neutron 3 Sculptor





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