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Scheps Omni Channel

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Scheps Omni Channel


General Description

Channel strips are the mixing world's most efficient tools, providing all your basic processing EQ, compression, gating, and often more, in one modular, easy-to-manage unit. Mixers choosing which channel strip to work with often face a dilemma, however: Channel strip plugins based on vintage mixing consoles can sound amazing, but tend to tie you down to a very specific and limited sonic color.


Modular channel strip plugins let you mix and match diverse processors with flexibility, but the different processors might not work together cohesively and won't necessarily interact as a true channel strip. Scheps Omni Channel gives you the best of both worlds. Through years of mixing diverse music genres, Andrew Scheps has perfected certain combinations of go-to processors, some based on classic hardware units, some being innovative modules developed from scratch, each with its own unique character.

Studio Role

Studio Modular Channel Strip

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Channel Strip

Scheps Omni Channel




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