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Scheps Parallel Particles

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Scheps Parallel Particles


General Description

This plugin is about attitude, energy and emotion, Andrew says. You can find the sound you want, without having to figure out which of the traditional tools will get you there. It is as much an attitude shaper as a tone shaper, so you can focus on how you want your tracks to feel.


Scheps Parallel Particles captures Andrew's masterful know-how and experience in the form of four simple-to-use controls, each of which represents one of Andrew's go-to mixing processes: Sub is a harmonic generator Air focuses on those elusive air frequencies and brings them to the forefront. Bite is designed to create sonic vitality and emotion. Thick adds solid body to the signal, evening out the lower mids and midrange.

Studio Role

Studio Track Tone Shaping Plugin

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Scheps Parallel Particles




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