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The DAW Recording System

The Cave's Recording System is a professionally designed Home Recording studio

The Muse Performance Recording Components:

  • A highly customized Reaper DAW recording application with over a 100 plugins

  • Top of the line Dell super tower computer:
    ---- XPS 8930 i9-9900K overclocked at 4.50 GHz
    ---- 8 CPU Cores | 16 Virtual Threads
    ---- 1 TB SSD Disk Drive  | 2 TB 7200 SATA Disk Drive

  • The 3 Unit MOTU Professional 8 series 16 Channel ADAT extension Channels:
    ---- MOTU One 8pre-es & Two 8pre ADAT extension DAW Interface devices
    ---- ESS Sabre32™ DAC technology to the DELL tower computer
    ---- 24 In | 28 Out I/O – Configured for 24 Analog In | 10 Analog Out

  • An Allen & Heath ZED10 analog mixing board for multi-pedalboard stereo effects mixing

NOTE: The Power Components and Maintenance buttons will display supporting items required for professional studio performance

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