Studio Guitars

The Studio Guitar Locker


The Cave’s Studio guitars is NOT a guitar collection. I do not collect guitars!

Each instrument has a defined role based on how it inspires me when I hold it, play it, see it in my hands, and how my fingers feel on the fretboard.

I compose Musical Portraits in about six genres, each one inspired with one or more of the guitars.

When a guitar no longer inspires me, I pass it on to the next musician for their musical expressions.

Within the Studio Guitar selection you can view guitars by different criteria: Body Type, Genres, Manufactures, and how they currently “Rank” in my creative space: with a ranking number.

Ranking is just a fun thing to think about at any point in time.

It is fascinating to me to understand how guitars move in rank, month to month, within my creative space.

It surprises to see how guitar move in and out of favor over time.


Fender Professional II Rack:

- 2021 Fender American Professional II Jazzmaster| The Blue Baller:
A modern take on the classic Fender Jazzmaster with upgraded features and pickups

- 2021 Fender American Professional II Tele Deluxe | The Blue Waxbill:
A modern take on the classic Fender Telecaster Deluxe with upgraded electronics and feel

- 2020 Fender American Professional II Tele | The Blue Jay:
A modern take on the classic Fender Telecaster with all the charm of the iconic guitar

- 2020 Fender American Professional II Strat | The Blue Bunting:
Classic Stratocaster features in a modern Stratocaster design

- 2021 Fender American Professional II Precision Bass V - 5 String Bass Guitar | The Blue Bass:
A modern take on the classic Fender P-Bass with all the charm of the 1951 bass guitar with modern passive pickup design


The Acoustic Rack:

- 2020 Taylor 814ce LTD Cocobolo | The Cocobolo Bird:
A top-of-the-line exotic Cocobolo back & sides limited production guitar. This is my primary composition guitar for fine tuning musical ideas. It is recorded with two mics and the electric transducer system built into the bridge

- 2014 Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QI | The Songbird:
A dreadnought body size primarily for blending acoustic tracks with the Taylor 814ce. It is available to be setup for “Nashville Tuning” for mandolin blending tones with the Taylor 814ce

- 2002 D’Angelico New Yorker NYL-4 | The Golden Eagle:
The closest I will ever get to my dream D’Angelico’55 New Yorker. A signed, hand carved, master Japanese luthier Gibson Super 400 style 18” big body Jazz guitar

- 2018 D’Angelico Premier DC | The Raven:
A Gibson 335 inspired semi-hollow body blues guitar. Upgraded with two top of the line modern, humbucking styled, P-90 pickups: a Kent Armstrong coil tapped P-90 neck pickup and a Hot Mojotone P-90 bridge pickup

- 2017 Ibanez BTB745 - 5 String Bass Guitar | The Brown Thrasher:
A full 35" long scale, five string bass with an active Bartolini EQ pickup system


The PRS Rack:

- 2016 PRS McCarty 594 Single Cut 10 Top | The Black Hawk:
A ’59 Gibson Les Paul inspired single cut design by the original Les Paul architect for all things Les Paul

- 2017 PRS 509 Specialty Core 10 Top | The Tiger Heron:
A unique five pickup guitar with a unique switching design for nine balanced single pickup & humbucking tones

- 2020 PRS John Mayer Silver Sky | The Rose Bird:
A modern take on the rare ’63 Stratocaster. A PRS signature guitar for all things Stratocaster

- 2018 PRS S2 Custom 24 | The Bluebird:
A full two octave, 24 fret, fast PRS fingerboard with an upgraded pickup set. The stock American PRS S2 pickups were replaced with a set of PRS 1992 Private Stock Artist humbuckers for screaming Blues and Rock

- 2014 PRS S2 Mira Semi-hollow | The Red Hawk:
A rare find. One of those magical guitars that seem to transcend it assigned position in the guitar universe. With the pickup replacements with Mojo Tone ’59 clones this Mira plays and sounds as good as either of my two PRS Core guitars