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Guitar Shop Pricing | Value over Lowest Cost

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I have lived in this area for ten years now and have used the local music stores for services that I did not wish to complete myself.

I usually got the feeling that the "Guitar Tech" was winging it, even the simplest of tasks.

Most of the time I just took my guitar played through a few amps and then left the store.

On the few occasions that I did engage their services, I was always forced to accept less than what I expected. Most of the time I redid the work myself.


Mike exceeded my expectations, offering his own ideas as suggestions that improved the outcome.

The invoice for work on my two guitars ended up being well below what I had budgeted. 

I paid Mike more than he was going to originally charge me. I felt that his work was worth more to me than he invoiced. I pay for quality work and a pleasant experience: Not the Lowest Price!

A great shop offers added value, through experience and a real passion for their art
Pay for value, and not always the lowest price: This shop delivers BOTH!

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